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Ultimate Rehabilitation and Wellness

We help you recover from surgery, get rid of pain, and safely return to performing activities you love.


Services offered in the clinic or
in the comfort of your home.

We Accept Medicare and Cash Pay

3 Benefits:

Quick Recovery

Personalized modalities and corrective exercises to facilitate faster healing

Maximize Performance

Avoid re-injury through rehab that utilizes latest current evidence and the guidance
of a board certified physical therapist

Safely return to doing what you love

Guided activity specific simulations to maximize confidence

To the grandparents, who are active lifestyle seekers or individuals unable to get by their regular day without pain,

Our mission at Ultimate Rehabilitation and Wellness is to help you return to doing what you love and living life on your terms.

Are you postponing your next hike due to pain?…

Is your shoulder injury stopping you from booking your next tee time?

Did you have a major surgery or suffer from pain due to an old or new injury?…

Are you living with stiffness, weakness, and aches that are stopping you from living life on your own terms?…

Are you unsatisfied with the rehab you are getting at your current physical therapy clinic?

Give us a call, let’s figure out if Ultimate Rehabilitation is what you need to live life your own way again!

Ultimate Rehabilitation vs Corporate Brands:

  • We get you in for initial evaluation within 48 hours of contacting us
    (You don’t have to wait for weeks to get evaluated)
  • One on one with a licensed doctor of physical therapy 100% of the time
    (We don’t use techs)
  • Patient centered goals where patient has an input on their rehab goals
    (Not insurance centered goals)
  • Personalized rehab and corrective exercises for each patient’s need
    (We don’t use any pre-made generic exercise templates)

About Dr. Chuck

Dr. Chuck is a licensed orthopedic physical therapist and ex-soccer player with a passion for helping active adults and athletes return to their maximum performance following injuries and major surgeries.

Chuck has lots of experience treating patients with knee and shoulder injuries, post-operative knee surgery, rotator cuff surgery, and shoulder replacement surgery. He uses an individualized approach that meets each patient at their current recovery stage and guides them back to doing what they love, providing his patients with the knowledge needed to remain healthy and perform at their best.

Dr. Chuck earned both his doctorate of physical therapy and bachelor of science from Daemen University NY.